Thumb Rules To Start Any Diet Plan

thumb rules to start any diet plan

Healthy meal does not mean of obsessing over specific foods or nutrients in fact it is an overall eating pattern that is most important which consist of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, high quality proteins and all these will help you to stay healthy, fit and energetic throughout her day. This will also help her to control her weight for lifelong and the key ingredients will help you to look and feel great at any age. 

Here are few tips which you have to keep in mind before starting any weight loss plan.

  1. Permanent weight loss: Always consider weight loss as a permanent lifestyle change. Promise yourself to replace high calorie unhealthy foods with healthier, lower calorie alternative. Reduce your portion sizes and feel more active. Various popular diets will give you a kick start to your weight loss but for permanent weight loss changes in the lifestyle and food choices is must.
  2. No rush: Never be in a rush to achieve your target because it will leave you feeling sluggish,drained sick and deficient. Slow and steady always wins a race.loosing 4 to 5 kgs in a month is healthy weight loss and while loosing more weight quickly you will loose muscle and water more rather than fat.
  3. Set Small Goals Never set big goals that might demotivate you. Always set small goals and then achieve them. For instance, if your weight is 107kgs and you want to come down to 70. Set a goal of 90kg first and then gradually further set small goals. And most important after achieving goal compliment yourself, give rewards to yourself that will boost you up.
  4. Comparisons: While in essence a calorie is a calorie, everyone body react differently to different types of food. So never compare your weight loss with other individuals weight results, rather enjoy loosing weight