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The 2 Blank rows below, every meal is to mention that how do you felt after Taking your Meal. Did you felt Bloated/Lethargic/Acidic/Energetic/Happy or anything else and what Alterations you made throughout your week like your Outing.

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Your Food Diary

Maintaining a food diary or keeping a food diary will benefit you in “n” no. of ways as it will help you in tracking what you eat and drink which will keep you focused on your diet. This will keep you motivated and will increase your efficiency. And all this, would help you to attain your goals easily and maintain your weight naturally for the whole life in an easy way.

Diet chemistry has prepared a food diary which helps you in recording everything you eat, which will provide you regulation and accountability for what you put in your mouth. This will help you point out if you need more variety. For example, you may be consuming less fruits and vegetables and binging more on carbs, sweets, caffeine, processed foods or may be skipping your meal because of tight schedule or any other reason. Write down the food items you eat for every meal and snack. The portion size of all the food items, ingredients used and beverages you had. Do mention for yourself that whatever food items you have purchased, are they healthy or waste of money or full of preservatives?? Hence, with the help of this you can easily make changes to your meal composition for increased energy and balance.

Beyond increased energy and balance, this will also lead to decreased calorie intake and weight loss, you will notice changes in your food intake and will also be able to monitor the progress you made towards reaching your health goals. Now, if you will continue with this routine for an extended period of time, you will notice the changes in your food intake and you will be able to monitor the progress you made towards reaching your target. There is a column in the food diary where you can note how you feel after eating a particular meal. Like this, you will feel connected with your certain food products after consuming them. Like, if you drink a glass of milk say for 3 to 4 days in continuity and you feel bloated or face uncomfortable bowel movements but on the other hand when you consume milk products like curd or cheese, you are comfortable that means that you are “lactose intolerant”

So, to successfully utilize this food diary, write down the food items you eat from the time you wake up till you go to bed. What portion size you are consuming? What ingredients you are using while preparing your meal? What are you doing while eating your meal? Like, chatting on your phone or watching television or sitting at a table, then think about how you felt after eating.

Also, make a note of everything you purchased when you went to the store for grocery shopping. This will help you to know whether you purchased healthy foods items or unhealthy food items like chips, aerated drinks, processed readymade packed food items, unhealthy biscuits and cookies filled with extra calories and the reason for knowing this is that with our fast paced lifestyles we don’t have time to devote hours or entire days to prepare healthy meals to nourish our families and ourselves. But are we really doing ourselves a favour by eating highly processed food, laden with sugar in many forms, with high percentage of salt content and filled with chemicals? Do you know that what are they doing to our insides??

Thus, take care of your health friends! Because your body is the first place where you have to live in.......