We all know that watermelon is good and healthy for summers but why it is called super fruit for summers, is the question. Come, let’s discuss few benefits of watermelon that we should make a habit to add watermelon in our daily diet plan.

  1. Packed with nutrients – It is loaded with many micro nutrients like beta carotene, vitamins A, B1, B6 and C, potassium, magnesium, biotin.
  2. Weight loss tool – It is less than 80 calories.
  3. Fresh and healthy kidneys – Watermelon helps in cleansing kidneys as it flush out the toxins from the body and keeps kidney fresh and healthy. Most importantly it works as a medicine for a person suffering from urinary tract infections which has to do with the kidneys.
  4. Relieves from constipation-it is great for someone with constipation of water as it contains good amount of water as well as high on fiber.
  5. Keeps you hydrated-it contains 92% of water content which will keep you hydrated in summers.
  6. High in lycopene-It is loaded with lycopene, a carotenoid whoch gives watermelon its red colour and prevents cardiovascular disease.
  7. Good for skin and hair– As mentioned in first point, it contains Vitamin A and C which keep our skin and hair healthy. Vitamin A protects our skin form UV rays and Vit C helps to produce collagen which is the main foundation of our hair and skin.
  8. Anti inflammatory property – It gives soothing effect to our stomach and neutralizes free radicals.
  9. Alkaline property– These days we all consume foods which is highly processed containing high amount of fat content, alcohols which is also linked with obesity and health issues commonly is gastritis. So in this health condition watermelon will help your body to neutralize the harmful damaging acids.

Usually, people cut watermelon slices and consume it on daily basis. But do you know friends there are others ways to consume watermelon for adults as well as for children who are choosy for fruits.

Recipe 1 : Watermelon Salad
Chopped watermelon and strawberries, grated cheese (low fat paneer), finely chopped mint leaves, coriander leaves, Tulsi leaves
Mix all the fruits in a bowl and then add scrambled cheese over the top of the fruits. Now add salt+black peeper. Mix it well and relish the healthy fruit salad rich in fibre,antioxidants and protein.

Recipe 2 : Watermelon Juice
Chopped watermelon pieces, mint leaves/ginger/honey and ice
Blend watermelon and strain it. Then add crushed ice and churn the watermelon again and finally add thickly chopped mint meals. Pour in a large mug and enjoy cool icy summer drink.

Recipe 3 : Mix Fruit Drink
Chopped pieces of watermelon, 1 pear, 1 peach, ½ cucumber and crushed ice
Blend all the chopped pieces of fruits and ice together. Then add pinch of salt+ black pepper+ lemon juice in the jar (optional). Mix it well and sip the goodness of fruits.

Recipe 4: Pulpy Watermelon Juice
Water, crushed ice small cubes of watermelon, lemon slices, peaches, crushed stevia/brown sugar (optional)
Add watermelon in the empty jar crush it nicely. Now add lemon slice followed by small pieces of peaches and crush them too. Add Stevia or brown sugar. Add crushed ice and water in the jar. Mix all the ingredients well. Sip it and enjoy the hot summers.

Recipe 5 : For those who don’t like to drink water
Watermelon and ice trays
Blend watermelon and strain it. Pour the juice of the watermelon in the ice tray and freeze it, the way we freeze water in summers to get ice cubes.
Every time when you drink normal water add one cube each/glass which will turn your boring glass of water into an exciting drink.

Recipe 6 : Ice Lollipops For Kids
Watermelon, kiwi (you can add any fruit), ice stick moulds, ice sticks , cardboard piece that will be used to cover the top of the mould through which sticks will go inside the ice stick mould and will keep the stick at its place at the time of freezing.
Blend watermelon pieces and pour in the ice stick mould. Cover it with the cardboard piece and put sticks through the cardboard inside the ice stick mould. Now freeze watermelon for at least 4 to 5 hours. When your watermelon is about to freeze, blend kiwi and pour that over the frozen watermelon and freeze kiwi for 4 to 5 hours.
After number of hours your ice lollipops are ready which will keep your kids hydrated and fresh. Try this in these summers holidays for your adorable kids.